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A LONG-TERM PARTNERSHIP WITH UNIVERSITIES: When employment & recruitment objectives meet

OUR INITIAL PARTNERSHIP As the new Institute of Management (part of the University of Bolton) is on the doorstep of DEBONAIR LANGUAGES, we have developed a strong relationship which is growing every year and we are pleased to get more and more involved in employability projects and forums. Paul Manivannan, CEO at DEBONAIR LANGUAGES , has been back on the school benches and is currently completing a part time executive MBA course at the University of Bolton. Paul, like his dad, Mani, the founder of DEBONAIR LANGUAGES, has always been passionate about regenerating Bolton and since starting his MBA he has identified several ways [...]

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Affidavit- when a translation is needed

What is an Affidavit?  An Affidavit is a written statement from an individual which is sworn to be true. They largely follow the same form as a witness statement but include a jurat swearing or affirming the evidence given. When there is translation involved, the individual or the company obtain translated documents with a statement signed by the translator. Generally speaking, Affidavits must be used where sworn evidence is required by law, rule, order or practical direction, in an application for a search order, freezing injunction or an order requiring an occupier to permit entry to land, in any application [...]

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