5 Things Your Boss Needs To Know About Transcription

Transcription is one of those services you often think you know about.

It’s normally brushed off and treated as, “It’s turning sound into writing…yeah, I get it.”

But it’s rare to come across someone who understands how transcription works and the powerful impact it can have on your business. And it does have a lot of benefits.

It can help you:

  • Build a solid inclusion and engagement platform
  • Boost your Google Search results
  • Bridge a difficult language gap
  • Save hours on paperwork

In this article we’re going to look at the five biggest benefits of transcription and how it could help take every aspect of your business up another notch.

#1: It Makes You More Accessible

Inclusion and Engagement is a big issue right now. And it’s something all businesses are going to have to adapt to in one way or another.

You’ve probably seen it happening around your workplace over the last few months. And, it’s a great thing that we should all put a lot of value on.

Transcription is a fantastic tool that helps you become more accessible to people in and out of the workplace.

Transcribing important audio or video – from training documents, through to your most important brief – into text, or a different language, can help you reach:

  • The hearing impaired: You can display it in a way that is easy to digest and understand.
  • People with cognitive disabilities: Employees, customers or clients that suffer with memory or continuity disabilities who need visual or written information.
  • Minority groups: By making information fit for purpose by having it transcribed into another language.

Which can open up a lot of opportunities for development and improved communication either in house, or with external bodies too. 

#2: It Can Keep Your Business Running Smoothly

Okay, how many times has this happened to you?

You’ve spent hours putting together a PowerPoint Presentation. You’ve poured over every single slide, and got everything perfect. And, in the middle of it, is a YouTube video that packs a lot of punch.

Then, when you turn up, the Internet is running slow.

Every time you try to play the video it does nothing but show you that infernal ‘buffering’ image over and over again. Or, even worse – it starts to play, then stops, then starts, then stops for good.

It’s annoying, isn’t it?

It might not even be a presentation. It could be a legal case, a tribunal or training exercise where you need to submit or use conversations. Either way, when you can’t access the right files at the right time, it can be detrimental.

Transcription makes sure that even in the worst conditions, you have an offline copy that can be used at any time. Which can save you a headache, a lot more paperwork – or your entire presentation.

#3: You Get Rid Of Miscommunication

We fight this problem on a daily basis. Especially when we’re dealing with lots of different languages, in sometimes heated discussions.

That means what’s been said, what’s been intended and what’s been heard can often be three different things.

And it gets even worse when you throw language barriers into the mix.

This is something we had to deal with a lot in the Police – people from around the globe who end up in custody, have vital information; but can’t speak understandable English.

I’m sure you have similar problems in your industry; where even a slight misunderstanding could cost you thousands of pounds.

By transcribing your important interactions with people – and not relying solely on video and audio equipment – you can be sure that anything that’s been said is clear cut and simple to understand.

#4: Documents Are Easier To Find

The Internet is an incredible tool. You have everything you could ever want to find all a keystroke away.

That is…except for audio files.

If you have an audio file – like a company Podcast or Webinar – unless someone knows exactly where to look, they’re going to struggle to find access to it. And they’re even less likely to just stumble across it.

And normally you don’t search for audio as, “The Translation Chronicles, Series 3; Episode 1”.

You search it as, “Language Podcast about communication in schools”, or that one sound byte that stuck with you when you were listening.

By transcribing your documents and turning them into web page and blog posts you become easier to find on the Internet, by your own staff on in-house searches and you could even find yourself with a few new Google Search customers too.

Not bad for just turning what you said into a document, right?

#5: It’s Easy To Outsource 

You might be thinking:

“That sounds good, but isn’t it a lot of work?”

And, you’d be right. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a lot of work for you, your boss, or your staff. Because transcription can easily be outsourced to a company like us.

And by doing that, you’re able to:

  • Make your business more accessible
  • Save time on paperwork
  • Ensure the safety of your documents
  • Improve your internet presence
  • Create clear and powerful communication

Without having to do much more than click the ‘send’ button on your email. Once we get it, we do everything else for you – then send it right back!

If you’d like to know more about how to get our tailor made Transcription services for your company, you can get more information right here.

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