A glance towards the future

With the beginning of a New Year comes a New Years resolution…What is yours? Ours is very simple and has become our Mission Statement “Be the best that you can be… Every day”. The inspiration for the mission statement came from our newly appointed Director Paul Manivannan.

“As a young man making your way through life, very occasionally you meet people who truly inspire you. People who manage to touch your soul. My Inspiration is my father Mani, the founder and Managing Director of Debonair Languages. His hard work, dedication, humility, honesty and relentlessness pursuit of excellence is infectious to all around him and I can only admire those attributes in a person. The man who introduced me to our mission statement is Del Scholfield. He was my old boss and that was the first piece of advice that he ever gave to me. I soon realised, that to be the best that you can be every day is a fantastic way to achieve your goals and I gained personal success through it. It drives you to be creative, hard working and have an honesty of purpose in what you do. It asks questions of you every day and challenges your beliefs to fight towards a common purpose. But what if you could harness this and inject it into an established business? So it ran through each employee and became part of the DNA? Would there be limit to what could be achieved? I guess we will see!!”

The New year brings about job opportunities, personal development opportunities and exciting new challenges for the people of Bolton as we begin to establish our roots in a town close to our hearts. We are also looking to achieve great things nationally and hope to have exciting news of official partnerships in the near future.