A glimpse of the qualifications needed to be an interpreter Bolton Institute of Management

Debonair Languages was at the Bolton Institute of Management  to introduce the students to the language industry and what are the requirements to become interpreters. 

We believe strongly that students need to know which opportunities are available to them while they are studying so they can shape up their future.
We talked to post graduated students on what is required to be an interpreter.

While obviously being multi lingual is essential, we emphasised other critical requirements such as for example:

  • Minimum qualifications
  • Linguist membership bodies registration NRPSI , ITICIOL etc….
  • Follow our code of conduct as well as the general linguist code of conduct
  • Embrace our values and follow our process
  • Accept security check when needed

We also wanted to underline that it is a fantastic opportunity to make a difference within the community and help to link people together and break communication walls.

We have received a fantastic interest from the students and are looking forward getting the candidates enrolled with us.
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