1807, 2019

Translation Company Manchester

If you live or operate a business in the Manchester area and need a translation company, at Debonair Languages we believe we have all the bases covered.

There’s a huge, global marketplace out there and nowadays getting an accurate translation or transcription service is absolutely vital. Our business model provides a range of services, tailored to meet your needs. Based in Bolton, over the last 11 years we’ve developed a great reputation for quality and accuracy, delivered on time and at a price our clients love.

How Your Manchester Translation Service Can Help

Whether it’s transcribing documents from one language to another, interpreting for someone who’s first language isn’t English or making sure that cultural and local nuances are understood and effectively communicated for marketing material, Debonair can help:


Our general translation services are for anyone who requires them. Perhaps you’re moving abroad and need some of your documentation in a different language. Or maybe you have a visitor coming to stay and you want to be able to communicate better.


At Debonair Languages, we work with a wide range of Manchester businesses and there are several ways we can help here. For example, we work with marketing departments and ecommerce businesses to ensure their content and advertising material translates perfectly into another language. Perhaps you have a visiting dignitary from a foreign company and want an effective interpretation service.


One of the major areas our services are needed, especially in Manchester where there are two major universities, is educational translation. This might be transcribing documentation to check qualifications or even providing translation services between different institutions around the world.


Accurate transcribing when it comes to medical documentation is vital and this is a specialist area that needs careful consideration. We also provide interpretation services for hospitals and GPs who may need to communicate with patients. You might, for example, want to speak to a doctor or person abroad and need an accurate two-way translation.


Another area where accurate translation is important is legal documentation. Getting it wrong can cause huge issues whatever language you are translating into. Again, we also have excellent interpreters on hand if these are needed for legal consultations.

Qualified and Vetted Translation Professionals in Manchester

We have over 2,000 qualified linguists on our books and cover 450 languages including some rare ones like Banfu-Burmese, Creole and Farsi. All our linguists are carefully vetted and go through a stringent enhanced disclosure and barring service check.

When they sign up to provide their services, all agree to abide by our code of conduct which includes complete confidentiality.

Why Debonair Languages?

Our aim at Debonair Languages is to match you up with the perfect service for your needs. With more than 11 years delivering top class translation, transcription and interpreting in and around Manchester, we’ve dealt with a huge range of businesses, organisations and individuals from both the private and public sector.

If you are searching for a fast, confidential and accurate translation service in Manchester, then contact us today to find out how we can help.


1807, 2019

Ecommerce Language Translation and Transcreation to Maximise Conversions

More and more ecommerce businesses today are looking to international markets to sell their products and services. Accurate translation and transcreation are vital if you want to attract new customers who speak a different language to your business and turn them into loyal customers.

The Challenge of Bad Translation

If you are interested in spreading your ecommerce business further afield, you may have heard horror stories relating to translation. While it can seem pretty cost effective to get a literal, software translation of your marketing copy, the reality is something quite different.

If you get the translation wrong, you risk being misunderstood or, even worse, offending your target market.

There are examples of amazing marketing mistakes on the internet if you want to explore the perils of bad translation. They include the Parker Pen tag line ‘It won’t leak in your pocket and embarrass you’ which was translated in Mexico as ‘It won’t leak in your pocket and make you pregnant’.

The truth is that there are often cultural and exact meaning difficulties when it comes to any translation. Take English, for example. If you translate something like ‘break a leg’ or ‘bite the bullet’ literally into another language neither will probably make such sense to a native speaker.

Even well-known slogans can have problems when translated into a foreign language. KFC’s easily recognisable ‘finger lickin’ good’ translated as ‘eat your fingers off’ in China.

Why Use Debonair Languages

While you may want to save money with online translation software or use a friend who speaks a bit of the language, it’s important to get things right. Software rarely delivers an accurate translation except for the simplest of phrases.

At Debonair Languages, we have over 2,000 linguists who can provide transcription, transcreation and interpretation services. Between them they cover 450 languages, with some rare ones such as Swazi and Tamil thrown in for good measure.

The job of transcreation is to make sure that your intended ecommerce web copy actually says what you want it to say. Get it right and you can expect to maximise conversions on your site and improve your bottom line when you move into new and exciting markets.

Our translators are carefully selected. They have relevant translation qualifications, have been vetted by our organisation and all buy into our code of conduct including complete confidentiality.

A translator or transcreation expert will work with you to ensure that you achieve the perfect content for your chosen market. Not only that, we have interpreters on call who can help if you are building a network abroad and want to have a conference call with a new associate.

Ecommerce allows businesses to reach any part of the world nowadays. It’s relatively simple to set up a site selling a whole range of products. If you want to broaden your scope, make sure that you get an accurate translation of your website and marketing content.

At Debonair Languages, we provide the flexible service, available on demand as and when you need it, with high quality, professional linguists who have been carefully chosen because of their skillset.

Contact us today to find out how we can help.

1806, 2019

Education Translation Services

At Debonair Languages, we believe that education is a fundamental right for all citizens, wherever they live in the world. Our translation services have been used by the education sector in the UK across a whole variety of organisations, for example, helping to interpret for clients whose first language isn’t English as well translating texts and exams.

Britain is one of the most multi-culturally diverse countries in the world and schools, colleges and universities all have processes in place for improving inclusivity. Debonair Languages helps deliver the flexibility and quality that modern institutions with translation needs are looking for today.

The Benefits of Accurate Translation

Translation isn’t just about swapping different words into different languages. There are plenty of occasions where the nuance of one particular language has to be carefully interpreted so that it makes sense in another. There are also numerous cultural and religious factors that require sensitivity and understanding when either interpreting or translating.

That’s why it’s important to use education translation services that are delivered by experienced and properly qualified linguists. This can take many forms when it comes to educational establishments.

  • You might have parents that need a qualified translator on hand when they come for an open day.
  • You could want to translate written information or website content so that it is easily understood by parents whose first language isn’t English.
  • Perhaps you are running a tutorial or lesson that requires someone to translate for members of the group.
  • Or perhaps your school, college or university wants to accurately translate marketing or advertising materials to attract students from abroad.

Education Translation Services From Debonair Languages

Any relationship between an educational organisation and a translation service depends on trust. You want to be sure that the interpretation you are getting is accurate and easy to understand by both parties. Schools, colleges and universities require a flexible approach and may need a wide range of translation services to meet their needs.

At Debonair Languages, all our translators are carefully selected and vetted and will have the necessary additional qualifications that your organisation needs. Our service now offers some 450 different languages with over 2,000 expert linguists located across the UK.

There may be a number of reasons why you might want to hire our services, whether it’s for a one-off translation or an ongoing interpretation service.

We have a robust code of content for our translators which means that they are committed to ethical and impartial practices when they take on any task, however big or small. Many of our linguists also undertake safeguarding and prevent training to ensure they are confident and prepared when working within an educational environment, especially with younger children.

Areas, where our translators have benefited education over the last decade, include helping run verbal examinations and tutorials, translating documents such as exam papers and helping interpret for parents and students alike.

If you would like to find out how Debonair Languages can help your school, college or university with a high-quality education translation service, contact our friendly, professional team today.

1506, 2019

Healthcare Translation

Obtaining an accurate translation or interpretation when dealing with someone from another country is vital when it comes to healthcare. Getting things wrong or misinterpreting what someone is saying could have catastrophic consequences.

At Debonair Languages we offer translation and interpretation services that cover some 450 different languages. This means we’re often the first port of call for GPs, hospitals and other healthcare organisations when this type of service is needed.

It’s not just being able to translate another language, however, there’s all the technical understanding and terminology to get to grips with, as well as the cultural and religious aspects.

Healthcare Translation Services

An accurate translation of any language requires experience and knowledge. When it comes to healthcare and medical translations, there is the expression of normal language but all the technical considerations as well. Translation services are used in a variety of different scenarios.

These can include:

  • You might have a patient who doesn’t speak your language and therefore require an interpreter who is able to translate accurately so that a clear picture of the problem is obtained.
  • You may have a foreign national who has medical documentation in a different language which needs to be translated.
  • These could include complex clinical reports that require not just an ability to interpret but a knowledge of medical terms involved.

Healthcare Interpreters

Understanding what someone is saying is critical in medical practice. Poor interpretation can lead to mistakes or misunderstanding that can actually be life-threatening. Our interpreters have worked in hospitals, GP clinics, nursing homes and mental health facilities as well as rehabilitation organisations.

The circumstances where an interpreter is needed vary but, in many instances, their services are required at a critical time in someone’s life. This requires the interpreter to show compassion and understanding as well as calm exterior. Our interpreters not only need to take into account the language, both medical and personal, but the cultural and religious beliefs of the individual as well.

Healthcare Translations

We have a wide range of different translators who are able to work on medical and healthcare documentation. These may include medical records, clinical trial reports, case studies and research as well as less obvious reading matter such as marketing and advertising for medical products.

There’s a difference between ordinary translators and those that also have medical expertise and knowledge of specific areas of healthcare in addition to linguistic excellence. Finding an accurate translator is imperative if mistakes are to be avoided and full understanding it to be conveyed.

Healthcare Translation and Confidentiality

Translators often deal with individuals who are not well and relate sensitive information that needs to be kept confidential. Working with a translation service that both delivers on that accuracy but also has a strong code of conduct is vital.

At Debonair Languages, our translators are carefully selected because of their skill and knowledge in healthcare. They are also closely vetted as well. That means, when you call on us to help with an interpretation or to translate documents, you can be sure you are getting someone who is qualified an who abides by our strict code of conduct.

Contact us today to find out more.

3005, 2019

Website Translation & Multilingual Communications – ROI for Small Businesses

A website in languages that connect with your target markets will create new opportunities for your business. Former German Chancellor Willy Brandt once famously stated ‘’If I’m selling to you, I speak your language. If I’m buying, dann müssen Sie Deutsch sprechen!’’ Yes, in a globalised world you must speak your customer’s language and staying local is not the only option anymore. Expanding into international markets is a necessity and while translation may be perceived as an expensive service, communicating with your customers in their language will ultimately aid your growth and increase your profits. English may be the international language of business, but the fact remains that customers prefer to buy in their mother tongue and that is how you should be communicating with them.

So what can website translation achieve for your company?


2005, 2019

Translation Services for Immigration Solicitors

If you are a solicitor involved in providing legal support for immigrants, you will probably need to handle a number of important documents that require translating.

Getting that translation wrong with inaccurate wording can have serious consequences. That’s why accessing a reliable service that can call on as and when you need it is vital. Not only that, solicitors are generally faced with time-sensitive situations where turn around is required pretty quickly. That’s why it’s also important to access a service that specialises in legal translations but which can be responsive to your needs.


1905, 2019

Transcreation for Website Design Agencies

Website design agencies are being asked to do a lot more than simply create stunning sites in today’s competitive world. Clients often want to branch out into new markets, particularly international ones.

This can mean having to translate whole pages of content. While it may seem simple on the surface, getting just a few words wrong here and there in your translation can have a huge impact.


2404, 2019

Transcreation Agency

Many businesses nowadays are looking to move themselves into new, international markets. That often means translating marketing and other material, including contracts and brochures, into a new language. There are plenty of different companies that offer this service but few combine it with transcreation.

It’s not just businesses that require accurate translation. You may be an academic, for instance, who wants to translate their paper into another language. Academic language needs to be very precise and even a slight deviation can alter the meaning of a particular piece of text.


1004, 2019

Language Translation Services

Head online nowadays and you’ll find a fair number of language translation services available. Competition and improved technology have all made this sector grow over the last decade or so. That’s brought the cost down and increased the choice.

Choosing the right company to work with is vitally important when it comes to translation services but it’s not always that easy. While many companies maintain high standards and deliver exactly what their customers are looking for, others are not so professional.


911, 2018

The Mistakes to Avoid in Translation

Over the years Debonair Languages have been providing translation services, we have noticed that companies use different methods to get translation done.

We understand that for infrequent and short translations are sometimes sourced in slightly unprofessional ways.  Some companies may initially try to cut corners when they need content to be translated but the results, no matter which industry they belong to, can be disastrous especially when they have more and more substantial and regular needs of translation.


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