UK-based multi-national sportswear retailer – Translation Project

UK-based multinational sportswear retailer Debonair Languages provided a high-volume, commercially-sensitive translation service to a renowned UK sportswear retailer, enabling the business to successfully penetrate the highly lucrative South Korean market. Contracted with the explicit requirement of ensuring that the client’s market entry strategy was not disrupted due to language barriers and time differences, Debonair delivered and adapted a round-the-clock service to ensure business communications flowed efficiently. […]

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Case Study: Interpretation – University of Bolton

Debonair Languages have recently completed a project with Bolton University that involved the provision of Interpretation support for an incoming delegation of 20 senior academics and principals from Shanghai, China during a three-day working visit to the University of Bolton. Click here for full details. Please contact us for a competitive quote: 📞 01204 290125 💻

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Case Study: Transcription – Mountain Way Pictures

Debonair Languages have recently completed a transcription and translation project with Mountain Way Pictures, who specialise in producing video content for the Arts and Charity sectors. Our Operations Manager, Stuart McGuire, responded to the client’s LinkedIn request looking for freelance translators in 9 different languages to watch several videos and translate and transcribe various languages into English. The videos were of students who attend a summer school in London who were asked a series of questions both in English and their native language. Stuart contacted Filmmaker & Co-Director, George Magner, and offered to project manage the whole process and [...]

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We can help you to translate and explain the GDPR Regulations to your clients

On the 25th of May 2018 the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force. DEBONAIR LANGUAGES believe that all companies and organisations must provide clear and transparent information regarding how their data is collected to ensure that there is control over the process of personal information. Many companies have developed overseas opportunities and have contracts and offices abroad. The expectations from the GDPR authority is that all businesses are made aware of their responsibilities. The onus is on individual companies to make sure that all policy documentation concerning GDPR for their foreign clients and suppliers is [...]

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Debonair Languages Support Regional Partners for their Level 3 Certificate in Community Interpreting

As the summer is coming up, you may be looking at new flexible opportunities. If you are considering becoming a professional interpreter, you may want to look at a formal qualification. DEBONAIR LANGUAGES support several regional partners and we would like to promote Services to People (Ethnic diversity services) from Stockport Council who offer a Level 3 Certificate in Community Interpreting. This qualification is perfect for you to step into the language industry as it is seen as the minimum requirement for interpreters to work for the Ministry of Justice for example. Once you are qualified and you are registered with us, you [...]

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A GLIMPSE OF OUR INTERPRETERS DAY TO DAY: Meeting with a DPSI certified interpreter

To build and connect communities through languages and technologies April 2018, by Valerie Beresford Marketing and BD Manager at Debonair Languages  To read the interview in a PDF format please click here DEBONAIR LANGUAGES ran a competition last year for which the prize was a free DPSI training course and exam fees. Paul, our Managing Director, wanted to make a difference and decided to contribute financially to the career of an interpreter by giving away a free DSPI training course. I went to meet our happy winner of last year’s competition, Kamela, after she successfully passed her DPSI exam. KAMELA’S BACKGROUND [...]

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A glimpse of the qualifications needed to be an interpreter Bolton Institute of Management

Debonair Languages was at the Bolton Institute of Management  to introduce the students to the language industry and what are the requirements to become interpreters.  We believe strongly that students need to know which opportunities are available to them while they are studying so they can shape up their future. We talked to post graduated students on what is required to be an interpreter. While obviously being multi lingual is essential, we emphasised other critical requirements such as for example: Minimum qualifications Linguist membership bodies registration NRPSI , ITI, CIOL etc…. Follow our code of conduct as well as the general linguist code of conduct Embrace our values and follow our process Accept security [...]

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Advanced Safeguarding Course for Debonair Interpreters

Debonair Languages recognises that it is important to connect their team of interpreters with the on-going needs of our clients. On this occasion we would like to discuss SAFEGUARDING.Our society emphasizes more and more, the importance to protect and support children and vulnerable persons at any time may they be at school, during extra-curriculum activities or in care. Have you ever wondered when you attend an appointment if you would recognise the signs of abuse and/or neglect?If so, you may be interested in developing your communication ability and improve your team’s communication ability. Debonair Languages wish to help you to achieve your ambitions.Debonair Languages takes [...]

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All Debonair Languages Interpreters are to register on the Online Disclosure and Barring Service DBS update service

To all our Interpreters, The below request applies to all interpreters not only the MOJ interpreters. Online Disclosure and Barring Service DBS update service is becoming a standard requirement. Debonair Languages have been requested by clients that our interpreters have to be compliant and need to sign up to the yearly update Online of the Enhanced DBS. If you are already signed up on the online DBS service, please response to this email with the related certificate linked to the online account. If you’ve not yet applied for a DBS check, you can register for the update service using your application reference number (the ‘form ref’ [...]

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Job Opening Available!

Think about where you work or any place you have worked at. Now think about THAT employee…you know, the one who is always positive. The one who cares about the company and their colleagues. The sensitive communicator. The one who is excellent at their job but never makes others feel inadequate. The list goes on and on… We think these people are amazing. If you had to score them as employees or colleagues out of 10 they would be a 10 most of the time or a 9 at the very least…you know who we mean. The people who just [...]

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