Transcreation for Website Design Agencies

Website design agencies are being asked to do a lot more than simply create stunning sites in today’s competitive world. Clients often want to branch out into new markets, particularly international ones. This can mean having to translate whole pages of content. While it may seem simple on the surface, getting just a few words wrong here and there in your translation can have a huge impact. […]

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Transcreation Agency

Many businesses nowadays are looking to move themselves into new, international markets. That often means translating marketing and other material, including contracts and brochures, into a new language. There are plenty of different companies that offer this service but few combine it with transcreation. It’s not just businesses that require accurate translation. You may be an academic, for instance, who wants to translate their paper into another language. Academic language needs to be very precise and even a slight deviation can alter the meaning of a particular piece of text. […]

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