Job Opening Available!

Think about where you work or any place you have worked at. Now think about THAT employee…you know, the one who is always positive. The one who cares about the company and their colleagues. The sensitive communicator. The one who is excellent at their job but never makes others feel inadequate. The list goes on and on… We think these people are amazing. If you had to score them as employees or colleagues out of 10 they would be a 10 most of the time or a 9 at the very least…you know who we mean. The people who just [...]

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Exciting news – Earn more money with Debonair Languages

We are delighted to announce an agreement to provide the Ministry Of Justice contract in partnership with The Bigword, all to be announced very soon. What does this mean for you? Already one of our linguists? For valued linguists on our database this gives you a direct ‘in’ to the largest contract in the UK. More appointments, more opportunities to earn money and develop your interpreting career. Not registered with Debonair Languages? Are you currently interpreting but not registered with Debonair Languages? Simply click the following link and fill out the relevant information so you too can prosper from [...]

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6 Obvious Ways Your Current Translation Service Is Wasting Your Time And Money

I can’t stand bad service. Can you? Whether you’re in a restaurant, staying in a hotel or simply buying a new t-shirt, it just leaves a bad taste in your mouth. And when it comes to the business world bad service can cost you three of your most valuable assets: Time Money Effort None of which you have to go to waste, do you? So when I look around at interpretation and translation services and see that the slipping standards that other companies have, it really gets on my nerves. And it’s time to put an end to it. [...]

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A glance towards the future

With the beginning of a New Year comes a New Years resolution…What is yours? Ours is very simple and has become our Mission Statement “Be the best that you can be… Every day”. The inspiration for the mission statement came from our newly appointed Director Paul Manivannan. “As a young man making your way through life, very occasionally you meet people who truly inspire you. People who manage to touch your soul. My Inspiration is my father Mani, the founder and Managing Director of Debonair Languages. His hard work, dedication, humility, honesty and relentlessness pursuit of excellence is infectious [...]

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Happy New year to all of our customers, and Interpreters from the team at Debonair Languages.

Looking back at 2014, a year which saw the beginning of the Ukrainian Revolution, the emergence of Ebola and the Uk Minister for Immigration Mark Harper resign it’s fair to say that the world is busy dealing with it’s international issues…we will stick to Interpretation and Translation, it’s what we know best! 2014 represents the largest ever year of growth and change for Debonair Languages. The development of stronger, longer lasting partnerships and ground work for a brighter future. Between moving our head office back to Bolton, appointing two new directors and embarking on a heavy recruitment drive for [...]

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