Ecommerce Language Translation and Transcreation to Maximise Conversions

More and more ecommerce businesses today are looking to international markets to sell their products and services. Accurate translation and transcreation are vital if you want to attract new customers who speak a different language to your business and turn them into loyal customers.

The Challenge of Bad Translation

If you are interested in spreading your ecommerce business further afield, you may have heard horror stories relating to translation. While it can seem pretty cost effective to get a literal, software translation of your marketing copy, the reality is something quite different.

If you get the translation wrong, you risk being misunderstood or, even worse, offending your target market.

There are examples of amazing marketing mistakes on the internet if you want to explore the perils of bad translation. They include the Parker Pen tag line ‘It won’t leak in your pocket and embarrass you’ which was translated in Mexico as ‘It won’t leak in your pocket and make you pregnant’.

The truth is that there are often cultural and exact meaning difficulties when it comes to any translation. Take English, for example. If you translate something like ‘break a leg’ or ‘bite the bullet’ literally into another language neither will probably make such sense to a native speaker.

Even well-known slogans can have problems when translated into a foreign language. KFC’s easily recognisable ‘finger lickin’ good’ translated as ‘eat your fingers off’ in China.

Why Use Debonair Languages

While you may want to save money with online translation software or use a friend who speaks a bit of the language, it’s important to get things right. Software rarely delivers an accurate translation except for the simplest of phrases.

At Debonair Languages, we have over 2,000 linguists who can provide transcription, transcreation and interpretation services. Between them they cover 450 languages, with some rare ones such as Swazi and Tamil thrown in for good measure.

The job of transcreation is to make sure that your intended ecommerce web copy actually says what you want it to say. Get it right and you can expect to maximise conversions on your site and improve your bottom line when you move into new and exciting markets.

Our translators are carefully selected. They have relevant translation qualifications, have been vetted by our organisation and all buy into our code of conduct including complete confidentiality.

A translator or transcreation expert will work with you to ensure that you achieve the perfect content for your chosen market. Not only that, we have interpreters on call who can help if you are building a network abroad and want to have a conference call with a new associate.

Ecommerce allows businesses to reach any part of the world nowadays. It’s relatively simple to set up a site selling a whole range of products. If you want to broaden your scope, make sure that you get an accurate translation of your website and marketing content.

At Debonair Languages, we provide the flexible service, available on demand as and when you need it, with high quality, professional linguists who have been carefully chosen because of their skillset.

Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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