Healthcare Translation

Obtaining an accurate translation or interpretation when dealing with someone from another country is vital when it comes to healthcare. Getting things wrong or misinterpreting what someone is saying could have catastrophic consequences.

At Debonair Languages we offer translation and interpretation services that cover some 450 different languages. This means we’re often the first port of call for GPs, hospitals and other healthcare organisations when this type of service is needed.

It’s not just being able to translate another language, however, there’s all the technical understanding and terminology to get to grips with, as well as the cultural and religious aspects.

Healthcare Translation Services

An accurate translation of any language requires experience and knowledge. When it comes to healthcare and medical translations, there is the expression of normal language but all the technical considerations as well. Translation services are used in a variety of different scenarios.

These can include:

  • You might have a patient who doesn’t speak your language and therefore require an interpreter who is able to translate accurately so that a clear picture of the problem is obtained.
  • You may have a foreign national who has medical documentation in a different language which needs to be translated.
  • These could include complex clinical reports that require not just an ability to interpret but a knowledge of medical terms involved.

Healthcare Interpreters

Understanding what someone is saying is critical in medical practice. Poor interpretation can lead to mistakes or misunderstanding that can actually be life-threatening. Our interpreters have worked in hospitals, GP clinics, nursing homes and mental health facilities as well as rehabilitation organisations.

The circumstances where an interpreter is needed vary but, in many instances, their services are required at a critical time in someone’s life. This requires the interpreter to show compassion and understanding as well as calm exterior. Our interpreters not only need to take into account the language, both medical and personal, but the cultural and religious beliefs of the individual as well.

Healthcare Translations

We have a wide range of different translators who are able to work on medical and healthcare documentation. These may include medical records, clinical trial reports, case studies and research as well as less obvious reading matter such as marketing and advertising for medical products.

There’s a difference between ordinary translators and those that also have medical expertise and knowledge of specific areas of healthcare in addition to linguistic excellence. Finding an accurate translator is imperative if mistakes are to be avoided and full understanding it to be conveyed.

Healthcare Translation and Confidentiality

Translators often deal with individuals who are not well and relate sensitive information that needs to be kept confidential. Working with a translation service that both delivers on that accuracy but also has a strong code of conduct is vital.

At Debonair Languages, our translators are carefully selected because of their skill and knowledge in healthcare. They are also closely vetted as well. That means, when you call on us to help with an interpretation or to translate documents, you can be sure you are getting someone who is qualified an who abides by our strict code of conduct.

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