Debonair Languages are committed to providing employment opportunities for young people. We are keen to mix their energy and skills with our knowledge and our vision.

We wish to offer these young people a chance to start a fulfilling career in the languages services industry.

We recognise the mutual benefits in engaging apprentices in the programme.

It is an opportunity for Debonair Languages to play an active role in shaping our future workforce and develop the future skills that we need to help our business to grow.

We have made a commitment to offer apprenticeships on a regular basis.

For us, the commitment of apprenticeships is a long-term investment and an opportunity to up-skill and maintain highly motivated individuals.

Continuous Professional Development

Debonair Languages Internal Staff

We value continuous professional development (CPD) to support personal and company growth.

We see CPD as a way to motivate our team to deliver a consistently professional service to the community and clients. This allows them to enhance their skills and set a pace for organisational standards.

There are a variety of approaches to professional development and we are proud to see that our staff are involved in coaching, lesson based study, mentoring and community practice amongst many more.

We currently have colleagues in funded places with the Institute of Leadership Management and the executive MBA.

Debonair Languages team of interpreters:

We encourage our interpreters and translators to engage in and commit to training and development as part of their professional working life.

We are dedicated to ensure that all our interpreters keep up to date with best practice at work.

Our interpreters are highly qualified and experienced but we understand that development must be continuous.

We have approved partners who offer CPD in relation to Community Interpreting, DPSI and Safeguarding amongst many more.

There are a range of funding options available. Please enquire here