Job Opening Available!

Think about where you work or any place you have worked at.

Now think about THAT employee…you know, the one who is always positive. The one who cares about the company and their colleagues. The sensitive communicator. The one who is excellent at their job but never makes others feel inadequate. The list goes on and on…

We think these people are amazing. If you had to score them as employees or colleagues out of 10 they would be a 10 most of the time or a 9 at the very least…you know who we mean. The people who just have… ‘IT’

Well we are in the hunt for a 9’s & 10’s in our booking team. 40hrs, competitive rates of pay and more importantly you get to join the amazing Debonair Languages family and work with 9’s and 10’s every single day!

8’s and below need not apply….

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