910, 2018

New Contract Awards for Debonair. Look out for an increased number of job opportunities. Update your profile to remain on our priority linguist list!


Debonair Languages have worked hard the last few months to gain new contracts, so that we can offer even more jobs to our linguists and we have been successful!
We are proud to announce that we have been awarded new contracts with Additional North West NHS services providers as well as legal services providers.
Debonair Languages deliver a customised and highly professional service to our clients, working with highly experienced and qualified linguists. We follow highly recommended standards and process which has allowed us to gain this new additional new business.


To succeed on the delivery of these new contracts we rely on our strong relationship with our linguists, so that we can guarantee that our linguists profiles match our client’s expectations, and that our linguists are kept informed of our internal development.
In order to be short listed for those job opportunities, our linguists have to be enhanced DBS checked and have a minimum linguist qualification.


· Have you let us know if you are holding a valid DBS certificate?
· Have you informed us of any new qualifications you may have gained lately?
· Have you accepted and returned our latest SLA?
It is really important that you keep us updated so that we can keep you as priority linguists in our database.
We invite you to contact our Recruitment Department, recruitment@debonairlanguages.com with all your updated certificates. Our team will go through your profile in details.


Contact our Recruitment Department on recruitment@debonairlanguages.com , they will send you an application pack and guide you step by step through your registration.
Debonair Languages have a lot of Job Opportunities to offer from interpretation (face to face, telephone interpretation to translation).

Best Regards,

The Debonair Languages Team

2109, 2018

A LONG-TERM PARTNERSHIP WITH UNIVERSITIES: When employment & recruitment objectives meet


As the new Institute of Management (part of the University of Bolton) is on the doorstep of DEBONAIR LANGUAGES, we have developed a strong relationship which is growing every year and we are pleased to get more and more involved in employability projects and forums.

Paul Manivannan, CEO at DEBONAIR LANGUAGES , has been back on the school benches and is currently completing a part time executive MBA course at the University of Bolton.
Paul, like his dad, Mani, the founder of DEBONAIR LANGUAGES, has always been passionate about regenerating Bolton and since starting his MBA he has identified several ways to give back to the community by involving local students and engaging with local businesses or bigger businesses keen to develop their presence in the region.


DEBONAIR LANGUAGES work with carefully selected, professional freelance interpreters all over the UK. However, as a North West based business we do retain many of our interpreters and clients based in the region.

As we are forever recruiting new interpreters, speaking a wide range of languages and from various professional backgrounds, we have identified that students and post graduates of the University of Bolton students are perfect candidates to become interpreters.


“Some of our students have found flexible work with Debonair useful as it fits around their schedule of study” explained Carol Brown, Academic Coordinator at the Institute of Management, University of Bolton.

“We strongly believe that it gives the students an inside view of what employment life is about, even if many of them may have had part time jobs before. It is a different experience to become a freelance linguist as you are in charge of your diary, your tax and you need to be organised and responsible dealing with either vulnerable people or critical situations” stated Ted Sullivan, Recruitment Manager at DEBONAIR LANGUAGES.

Ted ran a forum earlier this year when he went through why, how, and what students needed to do to register with DEBONAIR LANGUAGES We received an unprecedented volume of responses which was overwhelming for us and the University of Bolton.

Candidates attended our Bolton based office to complete application forms. Many met our high standards and have registered with us for future employment. Of course, they may only be able to attend some general appointments or translate non-specific documents to start with; but for some of them it will become a career and we will guide them through which certifications and additional diplomas they need to become highly qualified linguists.


For the last couple of years, DEBONAIR LANGUAGES have engaged with undergraduates and post graduate students whose native language is not English and who may have also gained qualifications and experience in many different subjects from economics to medical or engineering etc.…

Some of them have successfully registered with DEBONAIR LANGUAGES as freelance interpreters whilst developing other careers. Some have become full time, professional Interpreters.
We are delighted to see them growing and developing professionally. We support and advise them through their development.


The University of Bolton has professional teams working to improve students’ employability.
They are permanently exchanging with local partners to engage students onto new employment opportunities either whilst they are studying or when they graduate.

Along with other partners, DEBONAIR LANGUAGES have attended forums with students to discuss the challenges that the students may meet but also the opportunities that they could benefit from.

“In any instance, explained Paul Manivannan, CEO at DEBONAIR LANGUAGES, we all can benefit from developing the employability of our local students, so they may consider developing a career within the Bolton area. In the medium term, it would boost the local economy, it is a virtuous circle in which we should all play a role to prepare the future of the region.”

DEBONAIR LANGUAGES will be involved with the November Open day when we will talk about opportunities and career development with the support of the University of Bolton.

2004, 2018

Debonair Languages Support Regional Partners for their Level 3 Certificate in Community Interpreting

As the summer is coming up, you may be looking at new flexible opportunities.

If you are considering becoming a professional interpreter, you may want to look at a formal qualification.
DEBONAIR LANGUAGES support several regional partners and we would like to promote Services to People (Ethnic diversity services) from Stockport Council who offer a Level 3 Certificate in Community Interpreting.

This qualification is perfect for you to step into the language industry as it is seen as the minimum requirement for interpreters to work for the Ministry of Justice for example.
Once you are qualified and you are registered with us, you will be able to work directly with DEBONAIR LANGUAGES who require level 3 qualified interpreters.

To learn more about it and apply with Stockport Council, please click on the link below.

Services to People-Stockport Council

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