1505, 2019

UK-based multi-national sportswear retailer – Translation Project

UK-based multi-national sportswear retailer

Client: A UK-based multi-national sportswear retailer.

Requirement: High-volume, commercially confidential translation service to support the expansion of the business in the South Korean market.

Solution: Implementation of a detailed project plan that saw Debonair Languages work in close proximity to the client, involving a linguist entering the business to translate and send critical internal communications. Click here for full details.

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1802, 2019

Case Study: Interpretation – University of Bolton

Debonair Languages have recently completed a project with Bolton University that involved the provision of Interpretation support for an incoming delegation of 20 senior academics and principals from Shanghai, China during a three-day working visit to the University of Bolton. Click here for full details.

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1312, 2018

Case Study: Transcription – Mountain Way Pictures

Debonair Languages have recently completed a transcription and translation project with Mountain Way Pictures, who specialise in producing video content for the Arts and Charity sectors.

Our Operations Manager, Stuart McGuire, responded to the client’s LinkedIn request looking for freelance translators in 9 different languages to watch several videos and translate and transcribe various languages into English. The videos were of students who attend a summer school in London who were asked a series of questions both in English and their native language.

Stuart contacted Filmmaker & Co-Director, George Magner, and offered to project manage the whole process and for Debonair to provide all of the linguists required, the client accepted our quote and then confirmed that they wanted to use Debonair translation services.

Stuart co-ordinated the entire project and to the client’s delight, the process was turned around very quickly. After the linguists had watched the videos and provided time coded transcripts and translations, the client then edited the videos and returned for the same linguists to re-watch and proof-watch to ensure that everything was correct.

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911, 2018

The Mistakes to Avoid in Translation

Over the years Debonair Languages have been providing translation services, we have noticed that companies use different methods to get translation done.

We understand that for infrequent and short translations are sometimes sourced in slightly unprofessional ways.  Some companies may initially try to cut corners when they need content to be translated but the results, no matter which industry they belong to, can be disastrous especially when they have more and more substantial and regular needs of translation.

1st: Google Translate

It is true Google Translate has improved, but there have been several issues underlined no later than a couple of months ago that there is still a lack of fluidity. A company could use a bilingual employee to check the translation but there is still margin for error and it can still be extremely time consuming.

Debonair Languages recognise that new technologies in translation allows some great improvement, but these technologies need to be “handled with care.”

Other machine translation with search engines can be better trained for specific language. On the occasion it depends on the company’s budget.

However, we cannot stress enough that some translation needs to be extremely accurate, in the medical, legal or industrial industry for example, or it can trigger major problems.

A specialised translator in your field or industry will know how to identify those key words and how they need to be understood.

2nd: When bilingual employees become internal translators

It could look as an attractive solution to use bilingual employees because they know the industry terminology. It may work very well for translating short emails, but when it is dealing with websites, technical brochures, instruction manuals etc., there are drawbacks that may not appear obvious to start with:

  • While employees spend some time translating, they may not be able to accomplish their job. There is a false economy as it probably would cost the company less to use a professional translator compared to the value of the work lost by the bilingual employee.
  • The bilingual employee may take longer than expected.
  • Debonair Languages recommends that you use a professional translator with years of experience, expertise, and knowledge in your industry, and with good writing skills in the target language. You will struggle to find all those qualities in a bilingual employee.

3rd: Rushing a job can waste a lot money

Debonair Languages proceed to a detailed consultation period with our clients to establish how and where the content is going to be used, which level of specialism is required, and what are the deadlines. We are not trying to up sell but Debonair Languages want to quote the project at the right price and answer to our clients’ needs.

When our client consists of several departments or offices that may all have translation needs, we always raise that it is important that you share their plans internally, so you avoid inconsistent quality and climbing costs. By doing so, we can work on maintaining a translation memory to each project, so our client avoids paying full pricing for updates. Ultimately, it will increase the quality and the consistency of the general translation project.

4th: Lack of Planning

Debonair Languages recommend that if you know that the written content is to be translated, you should include it fully in the writing process. The content must be clearly written and thoroughly proofread so it saves you time and money.  You need to avoid making changes when the content is being translated to avoid increase in costs. We would generally advise you to provide us with most of the content to be translated at once. It can allow a volume discount compared to more expensive minimum charges for small documents.

We hope that this general advice may be a guide for you when you need to decide on how you are going to translate website content, legal documents, technical manual or medical report which could be key to the growth of your business.

Our translation department are available for an initial discussion to review your needs and to provide you with a free estimate of all the translation work you may need.


910, 2018

New Contract Awards for Debonair. Look out for an increased number of job opportunities. Update your profile to remain on our priority linguist list!


Debonair Languages have worked hard the last few months to gain new contracts, so that we can offer even more jobs to our linguists and we have been successful!
We are proud to announce that we have been awarded new contracts with Additional North West NHS services providers as well as legal services providers.
Debonair Languages deliver a customised and highly professional service to our clients, working with highly experienced and qualified linguists. We follow highly recommended standards and process which has allowed us to gain this new additional new business.


To succeed on the delivery of these new contracts we rely on our strong relationship with our linguists, so that we can guarantee that our linguists profiles match our client’s expectations, and that our linguists are kept informed of our internal development.
In order to be short listed for those job opportunities, our linguists have to be enhanced DBS checked and have a minimum linguist qualification.


· Have you let us know if you are holding a valid DBS certificate?
· Have you informed us of any new qualifications you may have gained lately?
· Have you accepted and returned our latest SLA?
It is really important that you keep us updated so that we can keep you as priority linguists in our database.
We invite you to contact our Recruitment Department, with all your updated certificates. Our team will go through your profile in details.


Contact our Recruitment Department on , they will send you an application pack and guide you step by step through your registration.
Debonair Languages have a lot of Job Opportunities to offer from interpretation (face to face, telephone interpretation to translation).

Best Regards,

The Debonair Languages Team

2109, 2018

A LONG-TERM PARTNERSHIP WITH UNIVERSITIES: When employment & recruitment objectives meet


As the new Institute of Management (part of the University of Bolton) is on the doorstep of DEBONAIR LANGUAGES, we have developed a strong relationship which is growing every year and we are pleased to get more and more involved in employability projects and forums.

Paul Manivannan, CEO at DEBONAIR LANGUAGES , has been back on the school benches and is currently completing a part time executive MBA course at the University of Bolton.
Paul, like his dad, Mani, the founder of DEBONAIR LANGUAGES, has always been passionate about regenerating Bolton and since starting his MBA he has identified several ways to give back to the community by involving local students and engaging with local businesses or bigger businesses keen to develop their presence in the region.


DEBONAIR LANGUAGES work with carefully selected, professional freelance interpreters all over the UK. However, as a North West based business we do retain many of our interpreters and clients based in the region.

As we are forever recruiting new interpreters, speaking a wide range of languages and from various professional backgrounds, we have identified that students and post graduates of the University of Bolton students are perfect candidates to become interpreters.


“Some of our students have found flexible work with Debonair useful as it fits around their schedule of study” explained Carol Brown, Academic Coordinator at the Institute of Management, University of Bolton.

“We strongly believe that it gives the students an inside view of what employment life is about, even if many of them may have had part time jobs before. It is a different experience to become a freelance linguist as you are in charge of your diary, your tax and you need to be organised and responsible dealing with either vulnerable people or critical situations” stated Ted Sullivan, Recruitment Manager at DEBONAIR LANGUAGES.

Ted ran a forum earlier this year when he went through why, how, and what students needed to do to register with DEBONAIR LANGUAGES We received an unprecedented volume of responses which was overwhelming for us and the University of Bolton.

Candidates attended our Bolton based office to complete application forms. Many met our high standards and have registered with us for future employment. Of course, they may only be able to attend some general appointments or translate non-specific documents to start with; but for some of them it will become a career and we will guide them through which certifications and additional diplomas they need to become highly qualified linguists.


For the last couple of years, DEBONAIR LANGUAGES have engaged with undergraduates and post graduate students whose native language is not English and who may have also gained qualifications and experience in many different subjects from economics to medical or engineering etc.…

Some of them have successfully registered with DEBONAIR LANGUAGES as freelance interpreters whilst developing other careers. Some have become full time, professional Interpreters.
We are delighted to see them growing and developing professionally. We support and advise them through their development.


The University of Bolton has professional teams working to improve students’ employability.
They are permanently exchanging with local partners to engage students onto new employment opportunities either whilst they are studying or when they graduate.

Along with other partners, DEBONAIR LANGUAGES have attended forums with students to discuss the challenges that the students may meet but also the opportunities that they could benefit from.

“In any instance, explained Paul Manivannan, CEO at DEBONAIR LANGUAGES, we all can benefit from developing the employability of our local students, so they may consider developing a career within the Bolton area. In the medium term, it would boost the local economy, it is a virtuous circle in which we should all play a role to prepare the future of the region.”

DEBONAIR LANGUAGES will be involved with the November Open day when we will talk about opportunities and career development with the support of the University of Bolton.

809, 2018

Affidavit- when a translation is needed

What is an Affidavit?

 An Affidavit is a written statement from an individual which is sworn to be true.

They largely follow the same form as a witness statement but include a jurat swearing or affirming the evidence given.

When there is translation involved, the individual or the company obtain translated documents with a statement signed by the translator.

Generally speaking, Affidavits must be used where sworn evidence is required by law, rule, order or practical direction, in an application for a search order, freezing injunction or an order requiring an occupier to permit entry to land, in any application for an order against anyone for contempt of court.

When is an Affidavit required?

Individuals may be requested to use one where the rules of the court require them. If these individuals use a solicitor, they will be advised when to use one.

Affidavit is a means of quoting written evidence in certain circumstances.

It may be used with other witness statements to prove that a statement/document is true when mentioned in court. This will usually be signed by a solicitor or a notary with a small administration fee.

What will the Affidavit guarantee?

When a linguist writes an Affidavit, the linguist must ensure that they confirm that the translation of the document is an exact and accurate translation from the source language document to the target language document.

So, the deponent swears or affirms the finalised Affidavit usually in front of an independent practising solicitor or commissioner for oaths

Also note that when speaking about an Affidavit for translation into different languages, the usual swearing of an Affidavit using a bible may not be relevant due to different religious beliefs.

Debonair Languages  offer nationwide coverage which means we can find a translator near to our clients no matter if they are an individual or a business.

Our linguists are qualified and experienced and work to tight deadlines to deliver professional translation to many legal firms, Courts or other private organisations.

We have years of experience working with the Ministry of Justice and the UK Courts of Justice, so we know which process to adopt to comply with the requirements of our legal clients.

Get in touch to find out more.

1107, 2018

New Client & Linguist Referral Schemes

10th July 2018

Receive  Amazon Vouchers of up to £50 with our New Referral Schemes!

Debonair Languages LTD are growing, and we are constantly recruiting.
We wish to reward our linguists when they support us in our expansion so we are introducing NEW REFERRAL SCHEMES!

For more information, contact us on:

01204 290125

2604, 2018

We can help you to translate and explain the GDPR Regulations to your clients

On the 25th of May 2018 the European Union’s new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into force.

DEBONAIR LANGUAGES believe that all companies and organisations must provide clear and transparent information regarding how their data is collected to ensure that there is control over the process of personal information. Many companies have developed overseas opportunities and have contracts and offices abroad. The expectations from the GDPR authority is that all businesses are made aware of their responsibilities. The onus is on individual companies to make sure that all policy documentation concerning GDPR for their foreign clients and suppliers is translated into the appropriate language.

The EU Guidance make clear that privacy statements/ notices shall be transparent and comply with the GDPR guidelines around this aspect; This is expressed in the attached document, due to come into force on May 25th. Below is an extract:
“Where the information is translated into one or more other languages, the data controller should ensure that all the translations are accurate and that the phraseology and syntax makes sense in the second language(s) so that the translated text does not have to be deciphered or re-interpreted. (A translation in one or more other languages should be provided where the controller targets data subjects speaking those languages.)”

It is the responsibility of any company to make sure their GDPR information is translated correctly to ensure that the information is communicated clearly and accurately.

DEBONAIR LANGUAGES are specialists in this field and have already helped many companies in securing their “GDPR transition”.
DEBONAIR LANGUAGES translators work accurately and have high quality standards to guarantee our clients that their documents are clearly translated into their native language.
Please contact us on for a quote.

2004, 2018

Debonair Languages Support Regional Partners for their Level 3 Certificate in Community Interpreting

As the summer is coming up, you may be looking at new flexible opportunities.

If you are considering becoming a professional interpreter, you may want to look at a formal qualification.
DEBONAIR LANGUAGES support several regional partners and we would like to promote Services to People (Ethnic diversity services) from Stockport Council who offer a Level 3 Certificate in Community Interpreting.

This qualification is perfect for you to step into the language industry as it is seen as the minimum requirement for interpreters to work for the Ministry of Justice for example.
Once you are qualified and you are registered with us, you will be able to work directly with DEBONAIR LANGUAGES who require level 3 qualified interpreters.

To learn more about it and apply with Stockport Council, please click on the link below.

Services to People-Stockport Council

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