Project Description






Title: B2B Customer Service Representative
Reports To: Team Manager
Location: Milton Keynes


The B2B Customer Service Representative is responsible to deliver a radical customer experience to our customers. This role manages incoming phone calls or emails and is actively supporting the sales team achieving their sales goals and trains customers to use self-serving tools such as the B2B portal. The individual must possess excellent communication skills, lead by example at all times and above all, demonstrate an understanding and passion for our brands and products.

PRIMARY RESPONSIBILITIES: (Try to restrict to 10)

●         Execution of manual order entry tasks

●         Develop good relationships with Key Account Counterpart

●         B2B proactive sales calls on defined accounts

●         Support the transition of accounts to self-service portal (automated processes)

●         After Sales – Deliver, high quality customer service based on agreed standards

●         Manage Zendesk / Incontact software

●         Provide the customer experience on the defined customer experience guidelines (KPI measurement)



●         Emotional intelligence (how to behave the right way on the phone with customers)

●         Sales Experience and basic negotiation skills

●         Speak at least one language of the subregion

●         Abilities with technical software

●         To be able to work in a team spirit

●         Multitasking capabilities