Transcreation for Website Design Agencies

Website design agencies are being asked to do a lot more than simply create stunning sites in today’s competitive world. Clients often want to branch out into new markets, particularly international ones.

This can mean having to translate whole pages of content. While it may seem simple on the surface, getting just a few words wrong here and there in your translation can have a huge impact.

What sounds right in one language can often be lost or dramatically changed when a translation is carried out. That’s why transcreation for businesses such as website design agencies is such an important service.

What is Transcreation?

When you are translating text or providing subtitles for video content, it’s vital for your client to get the context and cultural meaning right. A direct translation from English into French, for example, can leave the audience scratching its head because the equivalent is simply not there. Transcreation is basically the art of avoiding the dangers of a literal translation.

If you translate Kentucky Fried Chicken’s slogan ‘finger-lickin’ good’ directly into Chinese you get ‘eat your fingers off’. That simply leaves your audience bemused and wondering what you are saying.

Transcreation is a mix of translation and creative writing. Where there are problems with direct, literal translation, you need to find an equivalent for the text, whether that’s your brand tag line or simply a message in your content. The translation needs to be similar to what you originally intended for your content if not exactly the same. It’s a best fit that should deliver the same emotional and cognitive response that you intended in the first place.

All languages are laced with words and phrases that when translated can seem like gibberish to the target audience. Context can also be vitally important especially when related to cultural norms. A poor quality transcreation can not only confuse people it could damage your brand when you finally open in an international market.

Why Choose Debonair Languages for Your Web Design Agency

If you are a design agency and your client wants their site translated into another language, who you partner with to deliver this service will be important. Debonair Languages has been operating for over ten years and has managed to gain a strong reputation for accurate translation and transcreation services.

Transcreation doesn’t just depend on knowing two different languages and being able to swap the words around. The translator works directly with the parties to come up with meaningful replacements for words or phrases that either mean something different culturally or don’t translate intelligibly straight from the source language.

Poor transcreation can be funny and there are plenty of examples of it online. But when it’s your web design agency involved and an important client, it too often means damage to your reputation. Building a relationship with a transcreation service such as Debonair Languages means that you always have a partner that is able to deliver for your clients 100% of the time.

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