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If you live or operate a business in the Manchester area and need a translation company, at Debonair Languages we believe we have all the bases covered.

There’s a huge, global marketplace out there and nowadays getting an accurate translation or transcription service is absolutely vital. Our business model provides a range of services, tailored to meet your needs. Based in Bolton, over the last 11 years we’ve developed a great reputation for quality and accuracy, delivered on time and at a price our clients love.

How Your Manchester Translation Service Can Help

Whether it’s transcribing documents from one language to another, interpreting for someone who’s first language isn’t English or making sure that cultural and local nuances are understood and effectively communicated for marketing material, Debonair can help:


Our general translation services are for anyone who requires them. Perhaps you’re moving abroad and need some of your documentation in a different language. Or maybe you have a visitor coming to stay and you want to be able to communicate better.


At Debonair Languages, we work with a wide range of Manchester businesses and there are several ways we can help here. For example, we work with marketing departments and ecommerce businesses to ensure their content and advertising material translates perfectly into another language. Perhaps you have a visiting dignitary from a foreign company and want an effective interpretation service.


One of the major areas our services are needed, especially in Manchester where there are two major universities, is educational translation. This might be transcribing documentation to check qualifications or even providing translation services between different institutions around the world.


Accurate transcribing when it comes to medical documentation is vital and this is a specialist area that needs careful consideration. We also provide interpretation services for hospitals and GPs who may need to communicate with patients. You might, for example, want to speak to a doctor or person abroad and need an accurate two-way translation.


Another area where accurate translation is important is legal documentation. Getting it wrong can cause huge issues whatever language you are translating into. Again, we also have excellent interpreters on hand if these are needed for legal consultations.

Qualified and Vetted Translation Professionals in Manchester

We have over 2,000 qualified linguists on our books and cover 450 languages including some rare ones like Banfu-Burmese, Creole and Farsi. All our linguists are carefully vetted and go through a stringent enhanced disclosure and barring service check.

When they sign up to provide their services, all agree to abide by our code of conduct which includes complete confidentiality.

Why Debonair Languages?

Our aim at Debonair Languages is to match you up with the perfect service for your needs. With more than 11 years delivering top class translation, transcription and interpreting in and around Manchester, we’ve dealt with a huge range of businesses, organisations and individuals from both the private and public sector.

If you are searching for a fast, confidential and accurate translation service in Manchester, then contact us today to find out how we can help.


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