Translation Services for Immigration Solicitors

If you are a solicitor involved in providing legal support for immigrants, you will probably need to handle a number of important documents that require translating.

Getting that translation wrong with inaccurate wording can have serious consequences. That’s why accessing a reliable service that can call on as and when you need it is vital. Not only that, solicitors are generally faced with time-sensitive situations where turn around is required pretty quickly. That’s why it’s also important to access a service that specialises in legal translations but which can be responsive to your needs.

Fast, accurate translation for immigration solicitors is not easy to find.

Who Are Debonair Languages?

We’re a customer-focused company with a reputation for accurate and speedy translations across a number of different sectors including legal. Since we began back in 2008, we’ve worked hard to ensure that our clients get the service they are really looking for.

At Debonair Languages, we understand that solicitors can be handling documentation from a wide range of countries and that much of this can be highly sensitive. Not only do you get a translation service that is carefully chosen and equipped to meet your needs but one that puts a high value on confidentiality.

Legal documentation comes with its own challenges, of course. Wording needs to be exact and any translation must be able to reflect the original legal intention. We have a wide range of translators available who are able to handle complex legal documents.

All our translators follow the Debonair code of conduct and those that handle legal matters have all been DBS certified. Our clients in the legal arena include the Ministry of Justice as well as advice services such as the Citizens Advice Bureau.

How Can We Help Immigration Solicitors?

At Debonair, we help with a wide range of translation services often required by immigration solicitors in the UK. These include:

  • Interpretation: Whether you are discussing legal matters on the phone or face to face, if you need a qualified interpreter, Debonair can help with complex and sensitive interviews or interactions. That includes sitting in on video conferences.
  • Translation: This is the area that many of our clients use our services for. If you need an accurate translation and you need it quickly, it’s important to have a professional team on your side who can always deliver.
  • Transcription: Converting dialogue or speech into a written document takes a specialist set of skills, especially if you need translation at the same time. Our teams are fully qualified and able to deliver same language as well as source and target transcription.
  • Transcreation: Many words and phrases don’t translate well into other languages and this can be particularly problematic when you are dealing with legal documents. Transcreation is about finding a suitable word or phrase replacement that accurately conveys the original meaning but which is sensitive to correct translation.

If you are an immigration solicitors and require translation services that you can count on, contact the team at Debonair languages today to find out how we can help.


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