UK-based multi-national sportswear retailer – Translation Project

UK-based multinational sportswear retailer

Debonair Languages provided a high-volume, commercially-sensitive translation service to a renowned UK sportswear retailer, enabling the business to successfully penetrate the highly lucrative South Korean market.

Contracted with the explicit requirement of ensuring that the client’s market entry strategy was not disrupted due to language barriers and time differences, Debonair delivered and adapted a round-the-clock service to ensure business communications flowed efficiently.

The client had identified South Korea as a suitable international market and invested time and resources in establishing an operation base there.

Having encountered difficulties in conveying day-to-day messages with colleagues based in Seoul, and with an eight-hour time difference hampering the sharing of business-critical messages, the client approached Debonair Languages to provide an innovative solution. Debonair Languages, with a network of more than 2,000 linguists fluent in 450 languages and dialects, has a reputation for providing reliable translation services to clients of all sizes and in all sectors. Often required to work in unconventional circumstances with a requirement for discretion, Debonair prides itself on operating to the very highest standards.

Through considered discussions with the client, and with time and commercial sensitives in mind, Debonair devised a strategy that ensured a linguist entered the client’s UK office on a daily basis, translating messages to keep internal communications flowing.

Stuart McGuire, Operations Manager at Debonair Languages, commented of the service: “We were pleased to support our valued client to enter the South Korean market through this specific project. Time constraints and the sensitivity expressed by the client ensured we had to think outside the box to meet their needs and provide our trademark level of service. Utilising our network of over 2,000 linguists we were able to identify a professional with both the necessary language skills and experience to meet the project requirements. We worked in close cooperation with the client to develop an action plan that saw our linguist enter the business for three hours a day and translating emails into Korean to ensure communication was effectively shared from the UK headquarters and that tasks had been delegated, ready for colleagues to action as the business day began in Seoul.”

The high level of translation ensured the client was able to successfully enter the South Korean market, establishing a foothold in Asia and building relationships between colleagues thousands of miles apart.

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